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Walk for Life Bundle (WFL)

Our package includes fresh content for Instagram and Facebook that helps spread the word and inform about your Walk for Life event. Through social media posts, videos, and an article, your message will raise awareness in an impactful way. 

WFL Social Media Posts


These designs feature attractive visuals, thought-provoking captions, and relevant hashtags.

Walk for Life Bundle Social Media
Walk for Life Bundle Social Media 2

WFL Infographic


Use this attractive graphic on web articles, or as informative social media posts. The infographic is highly informative yet easy to understand, with clear graphics and simple points.

WFL Animation


Its clear layout makes it easy for viewers to understand, while its visually appealing nature will ensure that it stands out from other resources.

Great for

  • Instagram reels and stories
  • Facebook
  • TikTok
  • YouTube shorts

WFL Video


This video provides an engaging and informative experience with

  • Calls to Action,
  • Your logo and
  • Custom QR code placed at the end of the video.

(The QR code will link the article - more on that in a moment.)

WFL Article + Page Layout


Empower your readers with information that can help bring about positive change in society.

Your Walk for Life Bundle article is customizable with

  • your name,
  • walk details, and
  • registration link(s).


Please note: the appearance of this page may vary on different websites due to the inclusion of headers, footers, and sidebars. Certain elements may alter the overall layout and design. However, rest assured that the content remains unchanged, providing your site with accurate and reliable information.

2 Extra Donor Components!

Your WFL Bundle is made for Donor audiences. It comes with 2 extra Donor components:

1. An email template (promote your event beforehand.)

Walk for Life Bundle

2. Thank you social media graphic (for after your event.)

FAQ about Walk for Life Bundle